How to Pick the Perfect Carpet for You

Picking the perfect carpet for you is key to making your home cosy and comfortable. There are various options when it comes to carpets and lots to consider to get the best carpet for you and your home. Before setting your heart on the carpet of your dreams you should make sure it meets all of your requirements, for example, if you have young children you may wish to opt for a more durable carpet. If you have lots of furry friends an easy cleaning carpet is a great option. The following carpet buying guide will help you make that all-important decision;

Things to Consider:

The Padding

Many people opt out on the padding on the carpet in order to reduce their expenditure by a small percentage. However, the padding for a carpet is extremely important as it provides extra cushioning, offers support and makes the carpet stronger. The padding also conceals the subfloor imperfections to make the floor appear in better condition. Typically, areas with high traffic require padding that’s dense and firm while low-traffic areas require less protection.

Take the Carpet Styles Into Account

There are many styles of carpets, one for everyone. These include Berber, Saxony, Plush, Frieze and Textured. These terms refer to the pile of the carpet, which is the visible surface of the carpet. The carpet style you settle on should be able to match your lifestyle. For instance, plush carpeting is soft, thick and very inviting. However, it can show vacuum tracks and footprints. Saxony is the most common style of carpeting and is more or less the same as the Plush type. Berber carpets are, however, dense and flat making them durable and suited for high traffic areas as well as areas with kids.

Consider the Cost

It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to have even the most luxurious carpet. Choosing the perfect carpet for you should be the aim no matter what the price, carpet can uplift any room and create that homely feel we all desire. Here at Abbott Flooring, we provide high-quality carpet that serves its purpose whilst looking amazing.


It’s important that you know exactly where and for what purpose you’re going to use the carpet before setting out to purchase one. The colour of the carpet will depend on how much the room is used, whether kids will be playing on it and whether the room is large or small. All these will determine the most suitable colour of carpets. Your style should show through in your carpet too, not just the decorations and wall colours. If you love the bold colours and patterns we have something for you, or if you’d rather have a more subtle carpet we have the perfect carpets for you too.

How much Maintenance the Carpet will Require?

Do you have young children or pets? Then you should go for a more durable carpet which is easier to clean, this will save you having to worry about messes and spillages, you can clean them up with ease. The majority of our carpets are low maintenance, this means that you will only have to give them some TLC every now and then to keep them looking as good as new.

Compare Patterns

Since carpets are available in many designs and patterns, it can be daunting knowing the right one to settle for. You should ensure you get carpets that will be able to set the tone and mood of each room. Asking for some samples of the carpet beforehand could help in your decision making, this will allow you to take them home and see what they will look like before purchasing.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the type of carpet that’s right for you, contact us and one of our skilled team members will get back to you as soon as possible.