5 Horrible Things Lurking in Your Office Carpet

Germs in your office carpet

How old is your office carpet? Do you remember the last time it was deep cleaned? We have an insight into what’s lurking beneath your feet! Whilst your office floor may look clean, below the surface of the fibres it could be harbouring hundreds of dust particles, bacteria or even worse. Did you know that most carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet? Here are five things that you’ll probably find hidden in the carpet of your office.

1. Almost everything that gets eaten

Eating lunch on the go? Walking through the office eating your sandwich can cause loads of crumbs to fall to the floor even when you think you’re being tidy. The same food that feeds you during the day also feeds the bugs and bacteria around your home or office as the crumbs sit in the carpet.

2. Microscopic carpet beetles and dust mites

Bugs are foraging through our floors for any little bits of crumbs we may have dropped. Carpet beetles and dust mites are two of the worst offenders, and their tiny size makes them invisible to the naked eye. Because they’re so small it also makes it very hard for standard vacuum cleaners to pick them all up, as they grip to the particles in the carpet. 1 in 1000 dust mites get picked up in a 30-minute hoovering session.  You can actually inhale these microscopic creatures without even noticing, and they also may make their way onto items of clothing.

3. A huge amount of dead skin

Every year the average person sheds more than eight pounds of dead skin. If you multiply that figure by the number of staff members in your office, it tallies up to a shocking amount of dead skin in your carpets. Those minuscule bugs that feed on spilt crumbs also chomp down on dead skin as a side to their carpet buffet, however, the amount of dead skin accumulated contributes to workplace contaminants and becomes an unhealthy source of airborne allergens.

4. A line-up of germs and carpet bacteria

Germs and bacteria don’t need legs or wings to spread themselves about. All of the bug debris turns an area of carpet fibre into an environment that allows germs and bacteria to thrive. Busy and jam-packed offices act as incubators for morbid bacteria especially in the winter when windows aren’t opened.

5. Morbid mould and mildewRemoving dirt from carpet with vacuum cleaner

Decaying food, bug movement and bacteria contribute to this type of fungal carpet contamination. Mould and mildew can rapidly become problems that ruin your flooring. The development depends on dampness to thrive, so it’s very important in these situations that all leakages are cleaned up straight away. Most commonly, slowly dripping pipes behind walls soak carpet padding causing mould and fungus outbreaks in both subflooring and fibres. When you notice an unpleasant musty smell, mould has already damaged your office carpets. Instead of just a cleaning bill, it will have to be a brand new carpet.


Having a spotless and neat workplace brings professionalism to your company and organisation as well as being germ-free to limit employees taking days off sick! If your carpet is brand new, consider regular professional carpet cleaning to ensure it stays in top condition, if it’s seen better days feel free to get in touch for a quote for a brand new carpet.