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Superb Commercial Flooring Services For Your Business

When your customers walk into your business, for instance your shop or hotel, having beautiful hardwood flooring can really make all the difference in creating the right atmosphere of quality and luxury, and help guarantee you a great first impression.

We can all think of a time where we’ve entered into the lobby of a hotel and have been met by a grimy, unkempt foyer, an image that sets in that seed of doubt and makes you wonder how well kept your room is going to be. For businesses, showing that you look after your property shows that you take care in what you do and how you present yourself as a company and a brand, so investing in your flooring is more like an investment in your customer!

Having durable commercial flooring is vital, especially for a busy commercial and high traffic areas. Abbott Flooring offers a comprehensive commercial flooring service for all kinds of businesses, and an excellent range of flooring options. With our commercial flooring services, you can have something that not only looks great but is also incredibly convenient and easy to maintain for your workplace.

Offering affordable prices on all our products and services, our experienced team of flooring experts based in Luton will be happy to talk your through some of the flooring options that will best suit your commercial flooring needs – just give us a call!

If you are unsure which flooring will look best and is the most durable, our experts will make it easy for you by offering free professional advice gained from years of service in the flooring industry.


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We offer commercial flooring for

  • Hospitals
  • Shops
  • Housing
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools

Along with commercial flooring, we also offer a range of domestic flooring services which include hardwood, laminate, vinyl flooring and more. All our work is fully insured and guaranteed, and we even provide free no-obligation site surveys and quotes. So, why wait? Find out how our floor fitting services can work for your business, and really help you shine!

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