How to Clean Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring looks just like hardwood and that’s what makes them great. However, just like hardwood flooring, having them last so long while looking that great requires proper cleaning. Cleaning is an important factor in ensuring that they stay so much appealing and serve you for long durations. Most people make mistakes of using certain tools or products that never really help with anything but rather damage the floor. This happens due to lack of the right information on how such floors should be cleaning. In this piece, we want to talk about the ways to clean and protect the laminate flooring. Here we go…

1. Always Read the Instructions

Every floor manufacturer must provide you with instructions on how to go about cleaning the floor. Therefore, before you begin the cleaning process, the first thing to do is to read the instructions carefully. There, you’ll find recommendations in terms of materials that can be used and those that shouldn’t be used.
2. Deal With Spills the Moment they Happen

Stains normally result from spills that happen and are left without being cleaned at the time they happen. So, to best avoid any stains developing on your floor, spills should be wiped out the moment they happen. Another reason for this is that these floors are often damaged by liquids.
3. Clean With Soft Tools

Laminate flooring is easily scratched and should be cleaned using either a dust mop or a soft-bristle broom when sweeping up debris. Also when vacuuming, use an attachment that doesn’t have a rotating brush or a beater. This can lead to the scratching of the floor surface.

Laminate Flooring



4. Don’t Use Too Much Water

For laminate flooring, using water to mop is a no-go-zone. This is due to the fact that the water can cause damage to the floor when it seeps into the seams of the floor. When this water stays for some time in the seams, the wood will begin to rot and the end result is a floor that’s breaking and will soon require replacement. Thankfully, this type of floor can be cleaned easily by just using a microfiber mop that’s slightly damp.
5. Say NO to the Cleaning Products

You should void any regular cleaning products for laminate flooring because they can leave residue and streaks on the floor. They may also damage the sealant that is meant to protect the floors. However, if you use a laminate cleaner for cleaning, ensure you do it sparingly and never apply it directly to the floor. Rather, apply it to the microfiber cloth or mop. Polishes and wax should also not be used on the laminate floors.
6. Use Common Household Items

Cleaning tough stains like ink or candle wax can be done using household items. To remove chewing gum and candle wax, you can apply a plastic bag of ice to them and use a scraper, a credit card or a plastic knife to remove it from the surface once it hardens. Nail paint, ink, paint and crayon can be removed using rubbing alcohol.
7. Protect the surface of your floor

Because furniture such as chairs and tables can scratch the surface of the floor, especially with frequent movement, it’s ideal to add furniture pads. Rugs and floor mats can be added, especially, at the entrances to help prevent wear and tear.



This methods of cleaning and maintaining laminate flooring can make them really last long periods and provide you with the beautiful look that your homes deserve.