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How to Pick the Perfect Carpet for You

Picking the perfect carpet for you is key to making your home cosy and comfortable. There are various options when it comes to carpets and lots to consider to get the best carpet for you and your home. Before setting your heart on the carpet of your dreams you should make sure it meets all of your requirements, for example, if you have young children you may wish to opt for a more durable carpet. If you have lots of furry friends an easy cleaning carpet is a great option. The following carpet buying guide will help you make that all-important decision;

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What Floor is Best for Your Office?

Decorating the office – an overwhelming task for anyone. Making sure you get everything right and take everything into consideration is critical for an efficient office. Knowing which floor to lay in your office is one of the biggest decisions, what’s going to save you money in the long run? Will it stand the test of time? The first step we would suggest is establishing what’s going to be placed on your floor. Desks and chairs need a firm surface, for easy use. Kitchens may need an easier surface to clean, food and drink spillages are bound to happen, so making the cleaning process easier would be great for everybody. Heavy machinery will need a floor which is more durable and sustainable, the floors will become easily damaged due to high usage, a stronger floor option may be a great decision. Once you’ve established what category of floor you would like, the next step to take would be the finalise the type and make. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular office floors.

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5 Horrible Things Lurking in Your Office Carpet

Germs in your office carpet

How old is your office carpet? Do you remember the last time it was deep cleaned? We have an insight into what’s lurking beneath your feet! Whilst your office floor may look clean, below the surface of the fibres it could be harbouring hundreds of dust particles, bacteria or even worse. Did you know that most carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet? Here are five things that you’ll probably find hidden in the carpet of your office.
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Abbott Flooring – How to Look After Your Hardwood Floor.

rustic hardwood floorHardwood floors such as ours here are a stunning and value-adding addition to any home, but without good maintenance they can become worn out much before their time. However, to maintain the condition of your beautiful hardwood floors there are a few simple things you can do (and a few things to avoid) that are nice and easy, so keeping your floor gleaming needn’t be a chore!

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