How Can You Benefit From Laminate Flooring in Your Home?

Today, there are numerous options for flooring materials making it a little bit confusing to choose the right one. The most common ones include natural stone, hardwood, carpets, ceramic tiles, and laminate among others. Each of these options has its own perks and pitfalls. However, laminate flooring is one choice that stands out. It’s easy to mistake laminate for hardwood as it often imitates timber floor. Laminate floors are made by appliqueing floorboards with a photographic layer. This is what makes it look like timber. This layer is then protected by placing a clear layer to make it have the appearance of hardwood. Now that we know how laminate flooring is made, let’s see the benefits it offers for your home.

1. Highly Durable

Laminate flooring surfaces are strong, resists scratches and very durable. This is because of their protection using a tough coating on the outside and a coating of resin. If your home has high traffic in certain areas and you’ve got kids and pets, it’s a great material to use on your floors. Sunlight also doesn’t cause it to fade as it’s resistant to the sunlight. AC rating of 3 and higher of the laminate is most suited for installing in light commercial and residential areas.

2. Less Costly

Though the look and quality that you get from laminate flooring are similar to that offered by hardwood floors, it’s much cheaper. Depending on your budget, you’ll be able to afford an option that offers the same benefits of quality and look. So, you don’t have to worry about spending so much on the material without surety that you’ll get the benefits that you hope for.

3. Easy to Install

Compared to other floor types, laminate flooring is much easier to install. This is due to the fact that the boards are made to simply interlock. This makes working with them during installation quite straightforward. Another great aspect of the installation requirement of these floors is that they can be floated over existing floors. They don’t need glueing, nailing or stapling as is the case with other flooring types. This means that most people are capable of installing it without seeking the help of a professional.

Coloured laminate flooring

4. Are Versatile

Similar to hardwood, laminate flooring comes in many great imitations of wood grain and a range of colours. If you’re limited by your budget but still want to have a particular look of hardwood floors, it’s still a good choice. If you don’t want the look of timber, you still have the floor to be made to have the appearance of ceramic floors or natural stones.

5. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Thanks to its clear top layer, laminate floors are quite easy to clean. This cover at the top also makes it capable of repelling dirt, scuff marks and footprints. These elements are often a menace on hardwood floors and tiles. They’re also resistant to bacteria and mould. This makes laminate flooring a very easy surface to maintain.

Dog resistant floor

6. Safe for people with allergies

Since laminate floors don’t trap dust or other particles, it’s a great choice of floor for those who have allergies.

7. Subfloor Versatility


Nearly all subfloors allow for the installation of laminate floors. Pre-existing vinyl or concrete subfloors easily makes it possible for the laminate floors to be installed. This is, however, not the case with hardwood floors. Hence, it’s a good idea to use laminate in these cases.


As we’ve seen, laminate flooring is suited for most rooms in the house. One thing that we should note down is the fact that laminate doesn’t do well areas where there’s water leakage such as the bathroom or the laundry. The water can damage laminate flooring quite quickly.