Abbott Flooring – How to Look After Your Hardwood Floor.

rustic hardwood floorHardwood floors such as ours here are a stunning and value-adding addition to any home, but without good maintenance they can become worn out much before their time. However, to maintain the condition of your beautiful hardwood floors there are a few simple things you can do (and a few things to avoid) that are nice and easy, so keeping your floor gleaming needn’t be a chore!

First off let’s start with some of the things you should definitely do.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance – The Do’s

  • Keep pet’s nails/claws trimmed and clean, and try to avoid playing fetch with them in the living room! Having them run around on your hardwood floor is not only not very safe for them (as they will have little grip on the shiny surface), but, when they do dig in their claws to get a grip, it will scratch your lovely hardwood floor.
  • Stop wood from shrinking in the winter by using a humidifier or reducing the ventilation of your home (you can do this by insulating old windows, recessed light fittings and other holes in the ceiling and floor). We will post an in-depth blog about the methods used and how they work to reduce wood shrinkage due to the moisture in the air.
  • Sweep regularly with a soft-bristled broom or brush, particularly in high traffic areas
  • Wipe up spills as soon as possible with the right kind of cleaner
  • Harder substances such as chewing gum should be hardened with ice first before being chipped away gently with a plastic car scraper or credit card. Be very careful not to press to hard while scraping otherwise you will scratch the surface of the wood and damage it. Following scraping you should always wipe the surface with a wood cleanser and a soft cloth.
  • Use window coverings that protect your floor from UV rays that will fade the wood
  • Help it age naturally by moving rugs and furniture so that all areas are allowed a normal amount of exposure to light over time
  • Put heavy furniture on rugs or thick protective mats to avoiding marking your hardwood floor. If rugs aren’t your style, you can get small material stickers to attach to the underside of chair or table legs quite cheaply online, such as these Felt Pads from Tool Station or these furniture protectors from Amazon.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance – The Don’ts

  • Avoid walking on your hardwood flooring in heels or other shoes that could cause damage such as spiked football boots
  • Do not mop your hardwood floor! Whether the mop is wet or just damp, the excess moisture won’t do your flooring any good. The same goes for using wet cloths or sponges to give your floor an old rub down. Resist the temptation.
  • Avoid using substances to clean your floor that could damage it. This includes oil-based soaps or other common household cleaning products that contain lemon or citrus (these can bleach your floor), tung oil, silicon, acrylics or urethane polish (the latter two of which are found in many 2-in-1 cleaners meant to ‘bring out shine’).
  • Avoid harsh cleaning implements such as steel wool or scouring pads which can mark your floor

We hope you found this article helpful, and if you have another type of flooring in your home that you wish us to cover, then just let us know! We’d be very happy to provide you with some personalised cleaning and maintenance advice for your home.damaged hardwood floor

If you found this article useful why not share it with friends or family who also have hardwood floors? Spread the word, and then everyone can have a beautiful hardwood floor in their home – and keep it beautiful for years to come.

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